Sunbury Ohio has the Best Pizza

There are so many great things to find in Sunberry Ohio and one of them is a great slice of pizza. If you have just moved in or near to Sunberry Ohio or are looking to move there, you will want to know where some of the best spots to get your favorite comfort food are located. Here are some of Sunbury’s best pizza spots.

DonatosSunbury Ohio has the Best Pizza

This is a famous pizza chain that has recently come to the town of Sunbury located on 101 West Cherry St. If you love pepperoni pizza this is the place to pick one up, as Donatos is famous for piling on pepperoni from edge to edge. In addition to their famous signature pepperoni pizza, you can find dry rub chicken rings and the Big Don Italian Sub, or you can create your very own favorite pizza. A perk to Donatos is everything is made fresh every single day, nothing is frozen.

Jet’s Pizza

This pizza shop is located at 167 State Route 3. This is the best place to get a deep-dish pizza full of fluffy yet crispy crusty goodness. Jet’s Pizza is known for its Detroit-style pizza deep dish crust. They also serve up New York-style pizza, delicious thin-crust pizza, and seasoned cauliflower crust pizza as well as a gluten-free option.

The Other Guy Pizza

This pizza place is located at 15910 E. State Route 37. Some people say this is the best pizza place in the area and it is a must stop. The Other Guy Pizza is popular for its selection of pizza flavors, great subs, and beer selection. Some of the most beloved pizza offerings include pepperoni, veggie, deluxe, and meatball. If you’re feeling super adventurous you can try the fried bologna sandwich.

Good Fella’z Pizzeria

Good Fella’z is located at 245 N. Columbus St. and they serve up great Sicilian style pizzas in this locally owned restaurant. The French bread pizza is also a hit as well as the hot and spicy buffalo chicken pizza. It is a great old-school pizza joint that many locals love.

Long Branch Pizza

Long Branch is located at 34 South Vernon St. Some locals will say this is the absolute best place to get pizza in all of central Ohio. The restaurant is owned by two local women that are enthusiastic about putting out the best pizza that you have ever tasted. Long Branch has been a Sunbury staple since 1977. Some of the favorite pizzas include Chicago classic pie, potato pizza, taco, and Stromboli.

PJs Family Restaurant

PJs can be found at 571 West Cherry St. This is a true local restaurant where you can get to know the Sunbury culture and atmosphere. In addition to pizza, PJs offers great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and everything is made fresh to order. BLT pizza is a popular menu hit.

Rise Pies

Located at 400 South Wilson Rd., this delicious pizza is most beloved for the quality of the dough. There are several different specialty pizzas on the menu including chicken bianca, chicken bacon cheddar, chicken caprese, my big fat Greek, and classics like pepperoni and supreme. It is located in the Tanger Outlets, and a great place to stop after a full day of shopping.

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