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Winter in Northeast Ohio vs Southwest Ohio

Winter in Northeast Ohio vs Southwest Ohio

Weather is a main topic of concern when looking to move somewhere and specifically the wintertime, depending on if you like the cold or the heat. Ohio has many incredible qualities and unique offerings to those who wish to live there.

What can be puzzling is the vast difference in weather, specifically the winter between northeast Ohio and Southwest Ohio. Northern Ohio would be the Cleveland skyline and Cincinnati would represent southern Ohio. The weather is drastically different for these areas and this is mostly because of Lake Erie and its size.

Northern Ohio has the arctic air from Canada that drops into this area and this brings wind chills. This air is blown over the lake and gains the moisture that dumps the rain and snow all over Northeast Ohio. This rainfall is usually a heavy downpour with larger raindrops because of the clouds expanding higher in the atmosphere which creates strong storms. Not only does the lake affect the winter but it also affects the spring and summer. In the summer the lake stays cooler than the air because of convection and in turn, it chills the air above, which is why it is such a hot spot to visit in the summer. These temperature differences have to do with the fact that northern Ohio is further away from the equator which makes it cooler. Any place that is further from the equator will be cooler in temperature.

Southern Ohio has more temporal weather. It is known to be more stable in its temperatures. This area is not affected by Lake Erie but it is affected by Lake Michigan. Southern Ohio does not get the heavy snowfall but it does get some snowfall, however, they do get a similar weather effect from Lake Michigan and northern Ohio does from...

Delaware's Favorite Art Hot Spots

Delaware is one of the largest cities of Central Ohio and if you’re an art lover, then Delaware is the place to be. Delaware is full of museums, music, several classes, and a whole community of people focused on the importance of art in our lives. Delaware really is a cool place to live or even just to visit.

Here are some of Delaware’s favorite art hotspots

Delaware hot spots

The Ross Art Museum

This museum is on campus at Ohio Wesleyan University on Sandusky Street and is free and open to the public. The museum has been recently renovated with three display areas that feature rotating exhibits almost every season. This museum is home to collections of more than 2500 works by artists including Picasso, Frank Stella, Alfred Stieglitz and more with a main focus on providing educational assets for our students, faculty, scholars, and all community members that are art enthusiasts.

The Arts Castle

This architecturally gorgeous mini-castle is home to several classes and summer camps for people of all ages. Some of the classes include dance, jewelry and metalwork, music, photography, and ceramics. You can sign up for a day class to spend some time with your children or have a fun and unique night out with friends. For those not interested in a class, but simply wanting to take in art, the castle is home to several exhibits as well as Gallery 22. Taking a class at the Arts Castle could be a great way to meet new people in Delaware for every member of the family.

Central Ohio Symphony


Sunbury Ohio has the Best Pizza

There are so many great things to find in Sunberry Ohio and one of them is a great slice of pizza. If you have just moved in or near to Sunberry Ohio or are looking to move there, you will want to know where some of the best spots to get your favorite comfort food are located. Here are some of Sunbury’s best pizza spots.

DonatosSunbury Ohio has the Best Pizza

This is a famous pizza chain that has recently come to the town of Sunbury located on 101 West Cherry St. If you love pepperoni pizza this is the place to pick one up, as Donatos is famous for piling on pepperoni from edge to edge. In addition to their famous signature pepperoni pizza, you can find dry rub chicken rings and the Big Don Italian Sub, or you can create your very own favorite pizza. A perk to Donatos is everything is made fresh every single day, nothing is frozen.

Jet’s Pizza

This pizza shop is located at 167 State Route 3. This is the best place to get a deep-dish pizza full of fluffy yet crispy crusty goodness. Jet’s Pizza is known for its Detroit-style pizza deep dish crust. They also serve up New York-style pizza, delicious thin-crust pizza, and seasoned cauliflower crust pizza as well as a gluten-free option.

The Other Guy Pizza

This pizza place is located at 15910 E. State Route 37. Some people say this is the best pizza place in the area and it is a must stop. The Other Guy Pizza is popular for its selection of pizza flavors, great subs, and...

Awesome Farms and Pumpkin Patches in Central Ohio

While it is still officially summer, fall is fast approaching. The central Ohio area is full of amazing great farms that open up to the public for the season. Visiting a farm is an iconic family fun activity to do in the fall and there is no better place to do it than on the farms in Central Ohio. From enjoying local festivals to picking out the perfect pumpkin you could visit one for every farm in the area to have a great fall adventure by yourself or with your family and friends.Awesome Farms and Pumpkin Patches in Central Ohio

Here are 11 awesome farms located in central Ohio

Lynd’s Fruit Farm

This family-owned farm has been around for many generations and offers homegrown produce sold in the market at the farm. Produce available in the market is dependent upon the seasonal schedule. In the fall you can find a large variety of different pumpkins and squash as well as great fresh apples if you visit in late September you may be able to pick up some peaches or nectarines. Activities on the farm include a fun petting zoo, corn maze, hayride, and live music events. Lynd’s is located at 9399 Morse Rd. SW. in Pataskala.

Pigeon Roost Farm

This farm is at 4413 National Rd. SW. in Hebron. It is just 30 minutes outside of Columbus. At Pigeon Roost Farm you can find activities such as hayrides, face painting, pumpkin picking, jack-o’-lantern carving, and more.

Leeds Farm...

Why So Many People Love Clintonville

Clintonville is a popular neighborhood located in Columbus Ohio just south of Worthington and north of Ohio State University District. It is on the north side of Columbus and has been known for several years as one of the hottest hipster neighborhoods in the United States. It is well-loved by many to both live and visit.Why So Many People Love Clintonville Ohio

Here are just some of the fun things to do and reasons why people love being in Clintonville

Studio 35 Theater

Studio 35 is a single-screen independent theater that is also a draft house, making it perfect for those wanting a fun but a relaxed night out. There are 40 draft beers available for enjoyment while you watch movies outside of the mainstream movie theater atmosphere. Studio 35 is also host to several fun themed events including bad movie night.

The Park of Roses

Park of Roses is a small portion of Wetstone Park and is a popular destination for weddings and professional photography. Park of Roses is full of large rose gardens archways and rose-lined paths. The roses of course are the main attraction but the Olentangy Trail is popular for biking and jogging as well. It is also a great place to catch a Fourth of July fireworks display.

Farmers Market

This has been a neighborhood staple for several years where you can purchase several great handmade and locally grown organic products from bison and sausage, to organic fruits and vegetables, and everything in between. Clintonville’s producers are mostly food-based with a few craft vendors sprinkled in. The market runs from April to November every year.