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Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin is a small piece of central Ohio known for its modest and humble feel, but it is also very well known for the amazing architecture of the homes and buildings within the center of the city.

The city of Dublin is full of safe neighborhoods and several great public parks. There are also a lot of community events to help you get to know your neighbors and take on some of the amazing community pride. It is no surprise that so many people search to live in Dublin.

The Homes of Indian WoodsDublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

One of the most beloved neighborhoods in Dublin is Indian Run. It is next to Kauffman High School and there are several beautiful properties tucked into the woods that offer privacy and comfort. Some of these homes feature not only impressive outside architecture inside a desirable neighborhood but also large kitchens and open living spaces. Some homes feature floor-to-ceiling windows for you to enjoy the spectacular wooded surroundings.

Brandon Subdivision

This neighborhood just off of Brandon Wilde Drive is set amongst two very large parks. Brandon Park and Wellington Park both offer amazing green space just feet from your home. Some homes even back up to the park to create an even more amazing atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful homes, this park-like setting is very popular among young families.  Homes are not only traditional and gorgeous but within them, you can find screened...

What First-Time Buyer Help is Available?

If you are a first-time home buyer you may be finding it difficult to purchase a home right now. If you are, you are not alone. This could be due to the fact that home prices have increased greatly and interest rates are expected to rise. It could be due to the very difficult competition of buyers who have larger sums of cash from the sale of a previous home, or that they are investors.

But there is a way to get into a home right now as a first-time buyer. Of course, you want an expert agent working on your behalf, but beyond that, there are several programs out there designed to help first-time buyers get into homes.

What First-Time Buyer Programs are Available Right Now?What First-Time Home Buyer Help is Available

Down payment assistance programs or DPAs

It is important to have a sizable down payment for the mortgage of your first home. What can be difficult is finding the means to come up with this large sum of money. As a first-time buyer, you do not have a large amount of equity that turns into profit from selling a home and turns around to be cash that you can use for a down payment.

Most often 20% down is considered a responsible and healthy down payment. This allows you to not have to carry private mortgage insurance as well which can be a couple extra hundred dollars a month in payments. But the average down payment is 7% down and this can even be a stretch to come by.

A down payment assistance program helps a home buyer to cover the cost of a sizable down payment either through a loan or a grant. Some of these can even be used to help cover a portion of closing costs. Most often these programs are available on a local level, especially in certain target areas the government is hoping to...

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

It is a great idea that before you start home shopping you sit down and list out what you would like to have, what you need to have, and what you dream of having in this home with every person that will be living there. But beyond that, it should be taken into consideration how long you plan to be in the home and what life changes you hope will happen during that time.

No life plan is ever completely 100% perfectly laid out and comes to fruition, but if you plan to start your family in this home, there are many things that you will want to consider in your next home purchase.

Here are some great features that you may want to look for in a home while raising a young family that goes beyond a good school district

Stairways with the ability to put up gates

Once your little one begins to crawl or even scoot and then eventually walk you will want to make sure you eliminate any falling hazards. One of the largest falling hazards is the stairs. If the home you are looking at has a stairwell you want to make sure that you can easily place a gate at both the bottom and the top end of the stairs to keep your children safe.

An entry area with plenty of space or an already put together mudroom

You’ll find that as your kids get older there will be plenty of activities and a lot of leaving and entering your home. Sometimes in a very flustered hurry. Having an entry with the ability to put in the organization to catch all of the things including shoes and coats upon entering is very handy and helpful. Even better is an already put-together mudroom with plenty of cubbies and nooks for all the things.

Plenty of bathrooms...