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Christmas Traditions in Columbus

Columbus is full of amazing annual Christmas events every holiday season. It can get overwhelming to check out all of the events within the city and it may be a little nerve-racking to decide on which ones you don’t want to miss out on. Here are some of the most loved and popular Columbus holiday traditional events that you are sure to enjoy.

Village LightsChristmas Traditions in Columbus Ohio 2021

This is an event that offers free cookies and hot chocolate along the streets of German Village. This area of Columbus is lit with luminaries and restaurants and shops all get in on the fun as well as a few private homes along the route. Shops taking part in the festivities are open late and offer special deals as well as free goodies and live music. There are designated parking areas to enjoy the festivities as well as shuttles to get you to the illuminated areas. Santa and his elves are also present at the Actors Theater Schiller Amphitheater stage. Santa is available for storytelling and photos. This event takes place on December 5 beginning at 5 PM

Conservatory Aglow

This event spans from November 20 through January 9 from 5 to 9 PM every night at 1777 East Broad St. in Columbus. This is a special display of holiday decorations as well as performances during evening hours at Franklin Park Conservatory. The conservatory is decorated amazingly with a huge display of breathtaking lights and each night features its own special family-friendly activities throughout the season.


How to Finish Your Kitchen with Metal

 Mixing Metals: Finishing Your Kitchen’s Look

You will want to stick to a max of three different finishes total; anything more than that quickly clutters the kitchen and disrupts cohesion. Of these, you want one finish to be the one you use most. This dominant metal will be your primary pick throughout the kitchen, with one or two others accenting it. Keep in mind, too, iron acts like a neutral compared to shiny metallics, and it can provide an additional anchoring and industrial component that works with anything.

Also, think you can’t mix cool and warm metals? Think again. One of the best ways to warm up cool metals such as stainless steel is with accents of copper, gold or brass. These metals bring a welcoming and enlivening pop of color.

Another guiding principle is to consider the color scheme of your kitchen. In a room with warm beiges, creams or browns, for example, warm brass, nickel or copper naturally fit. In a room of cool greens, blues or grays, cooler chrome or silver may work best as your dominant material. Metals can also balance room temperatures, with copper finishes brightening a neutral space or dark finishes complementing a light one. Whatever pairing you choose, avoid grouping different finishes into separate parts of your kitchen, which can make the room feel uneven. Instead, equally distribute and space them out for balance.

To keep these tips handy, check out the below resource, which highlights important guidelines to help you mix metals beautifully.

Infographic created by Gerber.

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Tips on Organizing and De-Cluttering Your Closet

Declutter Your Home. De-Stress Your Life.

A cluttered or disorganized home simply makes it harder to find items you need, and you are more likely to misplace your cellphone or keys — causing stress and wasting time. Studies have also found that simply being exposed to a chaotic or messy environment makes you more likely to overeat fatty or unhealthy foods, which can result in weight gain. Other research has found that if you find the inside of your home stressful, you’re more likely to feel depressed and to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked to a higher risk of poor health.

Graphic created by Closet Works.

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Bathroom Organization Tips

Keeping an orderly bathroom is much easier when you’ve chosen storage locations for your bath and beauty essentials. Floating or open shelves add a modern touch over traditional cabinetry. Everyday toiletries could be kept on them — including lotions, toothbrushes, shaving creams and towels. Over-the-toilet and corner shelves also make great use of bare wall space. However, if you choose to store items above the commode, it’s best to get in the habit of keeping the toilet cover closed. This prevents toiletries from falling inside and minimizes contamination. Avoid storing medications on open shelving for bathroom guests to see.

Are toiletries cluttering your countertop? Corral them with a shallow, decorative tray. This keeps necessities such as skin care products, contact cases, perfumes and colognes, and jewelry in sight yet neatly contained. Avoid storing large items such as hair styling tools and bath linens on trays. Elegant glass canisters let you attractively display cotton balls, cotton swabs and bath salts. Glass containers are easily accessible, which makes them handy when guests use your bathroom. If you’re looking for a more stylish solution, get creative and hang a row of jars on a piece of wood to enhance your decor. They double as small storage containers for cotton swabs and makeup or toothbrushes.

No matter what size your bathroom, these savvy storage ideas could help add valuable space. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource. 

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What Young Professionals Want in a House

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are thought to be a group driven by the technology revolution and fed by avocado toast. Certain characteristics and manners have influenced society’s overall viewpoint of this generation, such as the increase in single-parent families, the higher likelihood of college enrollment — and student loan debt — and many observations on their work ethic.

Because millennials are so dominant to the housing market, it is critical that sellers adapt to the increasing demand. Understanding what is important to Gen Yers will help the process for both parties. Learn more from the accompanying infographic and be prepared with our tips on how to appeal to millennial homebuyers.

What Millennials Want created by Asset Based Lending.

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Fun Biking Trails in Central Ohio

If you love biking or are just interested in taking it up, the central Ohio and Columbus area are great for biking trails. Here are eight of the most loved scenic bike trails in central Ohio.

Scioto TrailFun Biking Trails in Central Ohio

The Scioto Trail will take you through a mix of urban and suburban areas and it is the first Greenway in Columbus. The trail stretches for 22 miles that is all paved hugging the downtown Riverfront and continuing into Grandview Heights around downtown and Franklin and winding up in the German and Marion villages. This trail is home to the very popular Scioto Mile. The Scioto Mile features 175 acres of lush parkland in Columbus that overlooks the city skyline. Another popular stop along this trail is the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.

Alum Creek Trail

There’s a 25-mile trail that meanders through quiet neighborhoods of central Ohio as well as containing rugged trail stretches that are great for mountain biking. A portion of the trail winds along the banks of the Columbus River and connects into several neighborhoods and commercial areas. The most popular section of the trail includes the north section stretching from Cooper Park to Easton way, the central section winding from Easton way to the Ohio Dominican University, and the south section running from Airport Drive into Three Creeks...

Enjoy a Fun Date Night in Pickerington

Nothing is quite as fun as a date night out on the town. Date night is a great way to experience new activities around Pickerington. There are plenty of fun and unique things to enjoy on a night out in the town. Here are some favorite date night spots of locals in Pickerington Ohio.

Enjoy a Fun Date Night in Pickerington

The Combustion Brewery and Taproom

There is no more classic date night activity than going out for a bite to eat and maybe an adult beverage. You can find a great selection of craft beers and the most delicious food in town at the Combustion Brewery & Taproom. To go with your drinks and great food, the Taproom hosts live music on certain nights and other fun and quirky events. If you really love the craft brews you can get a crowler or growler to go.

The Marcus Pickerington Cinema

To continue on your classic date night, why not hit the movie theater? The Pickerington Cinema is charming and retro-styled with 17-screens. One screen offers a massive size, the Ultra Screen DLX. It also offers multidimensional sound and those DreamLounger leather recliners that everyone loves so much.

If you have not had anything to eat, check out the Take Five Lounge in the lobby with a large drink menu and several appetizers and meal options. Some come to the lounge just for the specialty cocktails including the Watermelon Margarita and the Whiskey Long Island. What’s even better, you can take food from the lounge into the movie with you.

How about pizza and a movie? The theater is also home to ...

Gahanna is Nicknamed the Herb Capital of Ohio

Gahanna is one of the most favored suburbs of Columbus. This small town in central Ohio is recognized as one of the best “hometowns” in Ohio and the herb capital of Ohio. It really is a fun and great place to settle into for those looking for that small-town comfortable living feel.

For those who live in Gahanna, they will instantly tell you it is THE best place to live in Ohio. There are so many reasons why people love living in Gahanna. Here are just a few of the most favorite spots in this small and best hometown in the state.

About the Herb Capital NicknameGahanna is Nicknamed the Herb Capital of Ohio

It may sound funny and quirky, and a nickname you would expect from a small town with not much to do, but being the herb capital of Ohio is a pretty big and awesome deal. Gahanna is home to a large garden, education center, and several local shops that offer every herb you could ever imagine and more that you did not know existed.

The Geroux Herb Garden is large and amazing and beautiful and full of nothing but herbs. Within the garden there are specific smaller sections focusing on different types of herbs. There’s a section for medicinal herbs, another for culinary herbs, another section for scented herbs, and several more sections for different types of herbs of expected and surprising uses.

For the 21 and over crowd, the town of Gahanna has a unique offering in its Gahanna Herbal Cocktail Trail. Those wishing to utilize the trail will need to pick up what is called a passport at the town’s visitor center. As you visit places along the trail, you’ll find that the destinations are a mix of breweries, restaurants, and other businesses of the same nature that will offer...