Gahanna is Nicknamed the Herb Capital of Ohio

Gahanna is one of the most favored suburbs of Columbus. This small town in central Ohio is recognized as one of the best “hometowns” in Ohio and the herb capital of Ohio. It really is a fun and great place to settle into for those looking for that small-town comfortable living feel.

For those who live in Gahanna, they will instantly tell you it is THE best place to live in Ohio. There are so many reasons why people love living in Gahanna. Here are just a few of the most favorite spots in this small and best hometown in the state.

About the Herb Capital NicknameGahanna is Nicknamed the Herb Capital of Ohio

It may sound funny and quirky, and a nickname you would expect from a small town with not much to do, but being the herb capital of Ohio is a pretty big and awesome deal. Gahanna is home to a large garden, education center, and several local shops that offer every herb you could ever imagine and more that you did not know existed.

The Geroux Herb Garden is large and amazing and beautiful and full of nothing but herbs. Within the garden there are specific smaller sections focusing on different types of herbs. There’s a section for medicinal herbs, another for culinary herbs, another section for scented herbs, and several more sections for different types of herbs of expected and surprising uses.

For the 21 and over crowd, the town of Gahanna has a unique offering in its Gahanna Herbal Cocktail Trail. Those wishing to utilize the trail will need to pick up what is called a passport at the town’s visitor center. As you visit places along the trail, you’ll find that the destinations are a mix of breweries, restaurants, and other businesses of the same nature that...