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Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin is a small piece of central Ohio known for its modest and humble feel, but it is also very well known for the amazing architecture of the homes and buildings within the center of the city.

The city of Dublin is full of safe neighborhoods and several great public parks. There are also a lot of community events to help you get to know your neighbors and take on some of the amazing community pride. It is no surprise that so many people search to live in Dublin.

The Homes of Indian WoodsDublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

One of the most beloved neighborhoods in Dublin is Indian Run. It is next to Kauffman High School and there are several beautiful properties tucked into the woods that offer privacy and comfort. Some of these homes feature not only impressive outside architecture inside a desirable neighborhood but also large kitchens and open living spaces. Some homes feature floor-to-ceiling windows for you to enjoy the spectacular wooded surroundings.

Brandon Subdivision

This neighborhood just off of Brandon Wilde Drive is set amongst two very large parks. Brandon Park and Wellington Park both offer amazing green space just feet from your home. Some homes even back up to the park to create an even more amazing atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful homes, this park-like setting is very popular among young families.  Homes are not only traditional and gorgeous but within them, you can find screened...

What First-Time Buyer Help is Available?

If you are a first-time home buyer you may be finding it difficult to purchase a home right now. If you are, you are not alone. This could be due to the fact that home prices have increased greatly and interest rates are expected to rise. It could be due to the very difficult competition of buyers who have larger sums of cash from the sale of a previous home, or that they are investors.

But there is a way to get into a home right now as a first-time buyer. Of course, you want an expert agent working on your behalf, but beyond that, there are several programs out there designed to help first-time buyers get into homes.

What First-Time Buyer Programs are Available Right Now?What First-Time Home Buyer Help is Available

Down payment assistance programs or DPAs

It is important to have a sizable down payment for the mortgage of your first home. What can be difficult is finding the means to come up with this large sum of money. As a first-time buyer, you do not have a large amount of equity that turns into profit from selling a home and turns around to be cash that you can use for a down payment.

Most often 20% down is considered a responsible and healthy down payment. This allows you to not have to carry private mortgage insurance as well which can be a couple extra hundred dollars a month in payments. But the average down payment is 7% down and this can even be a stretch to come by.

A down payment assistance program helps a home buyer to cover the cost of a sizable down payment either through a loan or a grant. Some of these can even be used to help cover a portion of closing costs. Most often these programs are available on a local level, especially in certain target areas the government is hoping to...

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

It is a great idea that before you start home shopping you sit down and list out what you would like to have, what you need to have, and what you dream of having in this home with every person that will be living there. But beyond that, it should be taken into consideration how long you plan to be in the home and what life changes you hope will happen during that time.

No life plan is ever completely 100% perfectly laid out and comes to fruition, but if you plan to start your family in this home, there are many things that you will want to consider in your next home purchase.

Here are some great features that you may want to look for in a home while raising a young family that goes beyond a good school district

Stairways with the ability to put up gates

Once your little one begins to crawl or even scoot and then eventually walk you will want to make sure you eliminate any falling hazards. One of the largest falling hazards is the stairs. If the home you are looking at has a stairwell you want to make sure that you can easily place a gate at both the bottom and the top end of the stairs to keep your children safe.

An entry area with plenty of space or an already put together mudroom

You’ll find that as your kids get older there will be plenty of activities and a lot of leaving and entering your home. Sometimes in a very flustered hurry. Having an entry with the ability to put in the organization to catch all of the things including shoes and coats upon entering is very handy and helpful. Even better is an already put-together mudroom with plenty of cubbies and nooks for all the things.

Plenty of bathrooms...

Tips for Purchasing Townhomes in 2022

Tips for Purchasing Townhomes in 2022

Second to the purchase of a single-family detached home, is the popularity of a townhouse. The National Association of Realtors finds that townhomes are second in demand amongst buyers across the country and are very popular with homebuyers under the age of 30.

Purchasing a townhome can be similar to the purchase of a traditional single-family home, but it can also be different. There are some differences between the property types that you will want to be knowledgeable of when shopping for a townhome.

Here are some good things to know when you are shopping for a townhouse

The definition of a townhouse

There are several types of properties that can be mistaken for a townhouse but when it comes down to it the definition of an actual townhouse is a residence attached by a communal wall to another residence or two that also comes with ownership of a small piece of land.

The US census bureau's definition of a townhouse is that it must have no units above or below it and be separated by ground to roof wall from the other townhome units and maintain a separate heating system from neighbors in the same overall structure as well as have individual meters for public utilities.

How is a townhouse different from a condo?

Some condos can be very similar in shape and size to townhomes and as such can be confused as a townhome. Though both types of property share walls with neighbors they are different than what is actually owned as your property when you purchase.

With a condo, your soul property lies within the interior of the walls. With a townhome, ownership lies inside the walls as well as including exterior land that the townhome is on. This can extend to owning a bit of yard in some...

Dropping Private Mortgage Insurance

If you plan to purchase a house with less than a 20% down payment for a mortgage your mortgage lender will most likely tack on the extra cost of requiring you to carry private mortgage insurance as a standard precaution.

As your home grows in value it could be possible to drop this required private mortgage insurance. But when does private mortgage insurance go away? Exactly when can you drop it?Dropping Private Mortgage Insurance

Whether the mortgage qualifies for this insurance removal will depend upon factors like how much is still owed on your current mortgage balance and how dependable your payment history has been.

Home equity is rising at a very rapid pace. In the third quarter of 2021 reports from CoreLogic show that homeowners with mortgages averaged an equity increase of about 30% year over year which is an average of $51,500 per mortgage holder.

Due to this significant increase, it could be a good time to look into the possibility of canceling private mortgage insurance on your home loan. The higher amount of equity within your home can lower any perceived risk from the lender and in many cases, it could lead you to be able to drop this extra cost much more quickly.

In some cases, private mortgage insurance can add tens of thousands of dollars over the entire life of a loan so it is important to try and take steps to drop private mortgage insurance as soon as you possibly can.

A Quick Overview of Private Mortgage Insurance

Private mortgage insurance or PMI is a type of insurance that helps protect the lender if a borrower stops making the monthly loan payments. This type of insurance is most often required...

Relocating to Lewis Center Ohio

Lewis Center is a small and unique farm town with a lot of character in central Ohio located in Orange Township which is an area of Delaware county. Officially it is an unincorporated community and the population is around 30,000.Relocating to Lewis Center Ohio

Though it is small, it is a neighbor to the community of Africa, Ohio and home to shopping centers and retail stores that are mostly nestled together along Route 23. The Olentangy River is a fun source of outdoor recreation just outside of Lewis Center.

Lewis Center provides a calm and quiet suburb/rural/ farmland atmosphere. It is a peaceful oasis not too far removed from the hustle and bustle of Columbus Ohio.

History of Lewis Center

Lewis Center has a history that dates back to 1850 when a railroad came through the area. The community is named after William M Lewis who gave his family’s land to the railroad to bring commerce into the area in exchange for land, he won naming rights to the town.

The whole of Delaware County where Lewis Center is located played a large and important part of the underground railroad until 1863. During this time Ohio was one of the northern states offering freedom to African-American people. Unfortunately at the time Ohio had the Ohio Fugitive Slave Act in place for runaway slaves. This meant that any runaway slaves found were captured and returned to their owners in the south. Many residents of Delaware County chose to help escaped slaves head further north were this act was not in place.

The neighboring town of Africa is named so due to the large role the town played in the underground railroad. Today visitors can use a printable guide to take a driving tour of homes...

Preparing for Appraisal When Selling a Home

Preparing for Appraisal When Selling a Home

You are in the final stretch of closing on the sale of your home. You have approved an offer and set a move-out date, now it is time for the buyer’s due diligence. One of the items in the due diligence process is the lender’s mandatory appraisal.

Here is a seller’s “cheat sheet” to help an appraisal go more smoothly

Understand the Process

The lender is usually the one requiring the appointment to be made for an official appraisal to be conducted by a licensed appraiser. The appraiser will conduct an in-person valuation of the property.

The appraiser conducts their valuation by using local comparable sales and a visit to the property to check out a premade list of external and internal value factors. The appraiser will take into account features like upgraded materials, the overall condition of the property, and location.

Be Flexible in Setting the Appointment

Appraisers are in high demand right now and as such, they try to schedule appraisals back to back for the same area. If you are only able to let the appraiser in on certain days this can slow down the process.

Research Your Home’s Value on Your Own

If you want to ensure the appraiser is giving a good evaluation of your home, you can do some things to look at the factors that go into property value on your own. You can check online tools, have your agent help you with comparable values, or get your own pre-listing appraisal to ensure the appraiser is working in your best interest and not the buyers.

Make Minor Repairs

Though the appraisal is all about the ...

Tips for Surviving a Neighbor's Renovation Project

Tips for Surviving a Neighbor's Renovation Project

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a record number of homeowners have taken on home renovations either in the hopes of turning their current house into a dream home that they want to spend a lot of time in or for the purpose of getting the best return on investment and highest profit possible from the sale of their home.

When a neighbor decides to renovate their house, it can mean that you are living with constant clinking and banging from construction projects on the house next door. Construction can be a loud and even dirty process that can bring several disruptions to the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

Here are some survival tactics to help you through the inevitable noise and mess that carries over from a neighbor’s renovation projects

Talk to your neighbor

Understanding what is going on with the project and getting the full big picture ahead of time can be helpful.  Being aware of what will be going on ahead of time helps you to prepare for how you can prepare for and positively deal with any noise and other annoyances like road congestion, extra people, and extra flying dust.

Ask your neighbor if they would mind keeping in touch with you about the big projects that could impact the area around their home during the renovation. Make your initial conversation one that is not combative rather just one of seeking information for anything that might need to be prepared for like a large amount of noise or more equipment or trucks in the street.

If your neighbor is not willing to give you information that could impact the quality of living for those around them and you have an HOA you could communicate with them and ask the HOA if they could gather some...

Merion is a Hot Spot of Great Local Restaurants

Merion Village is a neighborhood of Columbus Ohio with several great local businesses and restaurants that have some of the best food in central Ohio.

Here are some of the favorite local restaurants that Merion has to offer.

Merion is a Hot Spot of Great Local Restaurants

Nursery Lane Baking Company

If you are looking for one of the best sweet treat places in the area this is it. This bakery features the most amazing cakes and pastries in the village. Many of the decorations on the baked goods feature floral themes. Flowers are a love of the owner Lauren.

If you are someone who loves a great Instagram-worthy treat this is the place to go and hang out and relax for a little bit. Every pastry here is a work of art and the pastries change each season having you return to see what the next beautiful piece of art will be.

Mid City Garage

Mid City Garage

Though this sounds more like a place to take your car than to sit down and eat, you can find this retro restaurant at 1179 Jaeger St.

Mid City Garage features woodstone-fired pizza and charcuterie boards as their most beloved menu attractions. They have both indoor and outdoor seating for your social distancing preferences. It is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon and also a homemade cocktail or two, along with the most amazing pizza you’ve ever had.


A Clutter-Free Approach to Unpacking a New Home

A Clutter-Free Approach to Unpacking a New Home

Moving to a new home is a perfect opportunity to de-clutter your belongings. It is a great time to dump off all of the unneeded stuff and not have to haul it into a new home. The very best time to get rid of items you no longer use or need is while you are packing, but unpacking can be another great opportunity to edit your belongings even further.

Using the unpacking process to de-clutter can come in handy if you needed to pack in a frenzy and move things quickly. It could also be a strategy if you hired someone else to do the packing and moving for you.

Here are some tips for de-cluttering your life while unpacking after moving into your new home

Unpack one room and start with the essentials

Challenge yourself not to just unpack a little bit here, a little bit there. Take some time to go one room at a time. Limit yourself to staying within just the one room and getting it done start to finish.

Make sure to start with the very essential items needed to make the room function. Such as if you were in the bedroom, starting with bedding and all of your clothes.

Purge as you unpack

Even if you feel like you have done a lot of sifting through, unneeded and unwanted items while you were packing it is good to do a double check of these things as you unpack.

You want to make sure that you are ruthless in editing what comes out of the boxes and stays in your new home. Set aside some empty boxes for tossing items you know have no place in your new home. Either if they don’t fit or you truly know you will not be using them.

That way these items are ready to go right to the donation center. You may even be surprised to find some items...

A Fun Family Day in Newark

Newark is a fun town full of family-friendly activities. Young families especially love to take advantage of the many great physical opportunities outdoors during the summer. Here are some of the most popular family-friendly activities in the town of Newark Ohio.

The Trout Club in Newark

The Trout Club in Newark

The Trout Club is a large and popular golf club offering 18 holes of challenging golf. The golf club is open to the public and is also a great live entertainment destination that includes two bars, and nine dining locations.

You can start your day out with a game of golf and spend the afternoon lounging around by the pool and listening to live music at the outdoor pavilion. You could even turn your trip here into a staycation by spending the night in the Trout Club villas.


Dawes Arboretum

A great place for getting in some education about the trees all around in the arboretum while meandering and exploring through the beautiful grounds. Take a tour starting at the visitor center and check the daily activities counter for all sorts of fun going on at the arboretum.

You can also enjoy a picnic near the lake or just take a relaxing hike through the woodlands. One of the most loved sports in the arboretum is the Dogwood House Museum where you can see a collection of 19th and 20thcentury antiques.

A Fun Family Day in Newark Ohio...

Columbus Romantic Winter Date Ideas

With the chilly weather seeming to encourage you to stay inside it can seem like there are no fun remaining date spots in the central Ohio area as several people love to get outdoors. But there are still plenty of fun winter date spots to keep your relationship alive on those cold nights that have you staying inside.Columbus Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Where are some of Columbus’s best indoor winter date night spots?

The Candle Lab

This is a fun experience that maybe you’ve never tried before. Candles are especially useful for making your indoor spaces feel warm and cozy. Why not head down to the candle lab and create one of your own on date night?

You can pick out your own scents and pour your candle while taking an hour to explore the surrounding shops in the area as your candle sets. This can be a fun night of browsing around local shops and fitting in a yummy local meal.

Check Out a New Winery

There are several great local wineries in the Columbus area. Why not use this time that you would prefer to spend inside checking out a new one that you have never been to? What could be more perfect for a date night than a brand-new winery? It’s almost like the adult version of the coffee date.

Go Shopping

Sometimes a nice leisurely stroll and some time to have a conversation are just what a date needs. Columbus has several great shopping venues all over town. It is even fun to stroll the outdoor venues when you’re...

Christmas Traditions in Columbus

Columbus is full of amazing annual Christmas events every holiday season. It can get overwhelming to check out all of the events within the city and it may be a little nerve-racking to decide on which ones you don’t want to miss out on. Here are some of the most loved and popular Columbus holiday traditional events that you are sure to enjoy.

Village LightsChristmas Traditions in Columbus Ohio 2021

This is an event that offers free cookies and hot chocolate along the streets of German Village. This area of Columbus is lit with luminaries and restaurants and shops all get in on the fun as well as a few private homes along the route. Shops taking part in the festivities are open late and offer special deals as well as free goodies and live music. There are designated parking areas to enjoy the festivities as well as shuttles to get you to the illuminated areas. Santa and his elves are also present at the Actors Theater Schiller Amphitheater stage. Santa is available for storytelling and photos. This event takes place on December 5 beginning at 5 PM

Conservatory Aglow

This event spans from November 20 through January 9 from 5 to 9 PM every night at 1777 East Broad St. in Columbus. This is a special display of holiday decorations as well as performances during evening hours at Franklin Park Conservatory. The conservatory is decorated amazingly with a huge display of breathtaking lights and each night features its own special family-friendly activities throughout the season.

The Huntington...

How to Finish Your Kitchen with Metal

 Mixing Metals: Finishing Your Kitchen’s Look

You will want to stick to a max of three different finishes total; anything more than that quickly clutters the kitchen and disrupts cohesion. Of these, you want one finish to be the one you use most. This dominant metal will be your primary pick throughout the kitchen, with one or two others accenting it. Keep in mind, too, iron acts like a neutral compared to shiny metallics, and it can provide an additional anchoring and industrial component that works with anything.

Also, think you can’t mix cool and warm metals? Think again. One of the best ways to warm up cool metals such as stainless steel is with accents of copper, gold or brass. These metals bring a welcoming and enlivening pop of color.

Another guiding principle is to consider the color scheme of your kitchen. In a room with warm beiges, creams or browns, for example, warm brass, nickel or copper naturally fit. In a room of cool greens, blues or grays, cooler chrome or silver may work best as your dominant material. Metals can also balance room temperatures, with copper finishes brightening a neutral space or dark finishes complementing a light one. Whatever pairing you choose, avoid grouping different finishes into separate parts of your kitchen, which can make the room feel uneven. Instead, equally distribute and space them out for balance.

To keep these tips handy, check out the below resource, which highlights important guidelines to help you mix metals beautifully.

Infographic created by Gerber.

For more information on Central Ohio real estate including ...

Tips on Organizing and De-Cluttering Your Closet

Declutter Your Home. De-Stress Your Life.

A cluttered or disorganized home simply makes it harder to find items you need, and you are more likely to misplace your cellphone or keys — causing stress and wasting time. Studies have also found that simply being exposed to a chaotic or messy environment makes you more likely to overeat fatty or unhealthy foods, which can result in weight gain. Other research has found that if you find the inside of your home stressful, you’re more likely to feel depressed and to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked to a higher risk of poor health.

Graphic created by Closet Works.

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Bathroom Organization Tips

Keeping an orderly bathroom is much easier when you’ve chosen storage locations for your bath and beauty essentials. Floating or open shelves add a modern touch over traditional cabinetry. Everyday toiletries could be kept on them — including lotions, toothbrushes, shaving creams and towels. Over-the-toilet and corner shelves also make great use of bare wall space. However, if you choose to store items above the commode, it’s best to get in the habit of keeping the toilet cover closed. This prevents toiletries from falling inside and minimizes contamination. Avoid storing medications on open shelving for bathroom guests to see.

Are toiletries cluttering your countertop? Corral them with a shallow, decorative tray. This keeps necessities such as skin care products, contact cases, perfumes and colognes, and jewelry in sight yet neatly contained. Avoid storing large items such as hair styling tools and bath linens on trays. Elegant glass canisters let you attractively display cotton balls, cotton swabs and bath salts. Glass containers are easily accessible, which makes them handy when guests use your bathroom. If you’re looking for a more stylish solution, get creative and hang a row of jars on a piece of wood to enhance your decor. They double as small storage containers for cotton swabs and makeup or toothbrushes.

No matter what size your bathroom, these savvy storage ideas could help add valuable space. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource. 

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.

For more information...

What Young Professionals Want in a House

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are thought to be a group driven by the technology revolution and fed by avocado toast. Certain characteristics and manners have influenced society’s overall viewpoint of this generation, such as the increase in single-parent families, the higher likelihood of college enrollment — and student loan debt — and many observations on their work ethic.

Because millennials are so dominant to the housing market, it is critical that sellers adapt to the increasing demand. Understanding what is important to Gen Yers will help the process for both parties. Learn more from the accompanying infographic and be prepared with our tips on how to appeal to millennial homebuyers.

What Millennials Want created by Asset Based Lending.

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Fun Biking Trails in Central Ohio

If you love biking or are just interested in taking it up, the central Ohio and Columbus area are great for biking trails. Here are eight of the most loved scenic bike trails in central Ohio.

Scioto TrailFun Biking Trails in Central Ohio

The Scioto Trail will take you through a mix of urban and suburban areas and it is the first Greenway in Columbus. The trail stretches for 22 miles that is all paved hugging the downtown Riverfront and continuing into Grandview Heights around downtown and Franklin and winding up in the German and Marion villages. This trail is home to the very popular Scioto Mile. The Scioto Mile features 175 acres of lush parkland in Columbus that overlooks the city skyline. Another popular stop along this trail is the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.

Alum Creek Trail

There’s a 25-mile trail that meanders through quiet neighborhoods of central Ohio as well as containing rugged trail stretches that are great for mountain biking. A portion of the trail winds along the banks of the Columbus River and connects into several neighborhoods and commercial areas. The most popular section of the trail includes the north section stretching from Cooper Park to Easton way, the central section winding from Easton way to the Ohio Dominican University, and the south section running from Airport Drive into Three Creeks Park. This trail is a multi-use path with easy access...

Enjoy a Fun Date Night in Pickerington

Nothing is quite as fun as a date night out on the town. Date night is a great way to experience new activities around Pickerington. There are plenty of fun and unique things to enjoy on a night out in the town. Here are some favorite date night spots of locals in Pickerington Ohio.

Enjoy a Fun Date Night in Pickerington

The Combustion Brewery and Taproom

There is no more classic date night activity than going out for a bite to eat and maybe an adult beverage. You can find a great selection of craft beers and the most delicious food in town at the Combustion Brewery & Taproom. To go with your drinks and great food, the Taproom hosts live music on certain nights and other fun and quirky events. If you really love the craft brews you can get a crowler or growler to go.

The Marcus Pickerington Cinema

To continue on your classic date night, why not hit the movie theater? The Pickerington Cinema is charming and retro-styled with 17-screens. One screen offers a massive size, the Ultra Screen DLX. It also offers multidimensional sound and those DreamLounger leather recliners that everyone loves so much.

If you have not had anything to eat, check out the Take Five Lounge in the lobby with a large drink menu and several appetizers and meal options. Some come to the lounge just for the specialty cocktails including the Watermelon Margarita and the Whiskey Long Island. What’s even better, you can take food from the lounge into the movie with you.

How about pizza and a movie? The theater is also home to ...